Quality Assurance

Zimpharm has been manufacturing pharmaceuticals and consumer products for 49 years in Zimbabwe. The existing production, quality assurance and administration facilities were designed to meet the most stringent international standards of manufacturing.

The pharmaceutical industry was, and probably still is, most heavily legislated and controlled industry in the modern industrial society. This control is achieved and effected primarily through the imposition of in-house standards aimed at achieving conformity of safe practices and product effectiveness.

With both Pharmaceutical and non- pharmaceuticals products being manufactured on site, we ensure that good manufacturing practises (GMP) are incorporated in all production activities. All staff is trained in maintaining a high level of GMP, from goods received into warehouse, dispensing, manufacture, quarantine and distribution.

Manufacturing processes are monitored by routine in-house inspections. Excellent quality assurance laboratories exist, which together with qualified and dedicated staff and modern instrumentation, ensure quality products are always produced and standards maintained.